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There are very few places in Melbourne to find Brazilian food let alone Brazilian breakfast. But maybe more spots should take a cue from Bossa Nova because a few coxinhas (a chicken or palm heart-filled croquette) and a coffee are a great way to start the day. For something quintessentially Brazilian, try the country’s national dish feijoada, a plate of slow-cooked pork and black beans, rice, kale, orange wedges and a dusting of toasted manioc flour. If you’d like to try recreating the dish at home, there’s also a small retail range.

Bossa Nova Is Carlton’s Colourful New Brazilian Cafe, Serving One Seriously Stacked Mortadella Sandwich.

Dishes are designed to tug on the heartstrings of nostalgic Brazilians – and transport curious Melburnians – with chewy, pillowy triple-cheese rolls; breakfast croquettes filled with shredded chicken; and a creamy, caramel-drenched flan.


Bossa Nova is lively and warm-hearted. If you're Brazilian, you probably already know about it. If you're not, you can look forward to falling in love with the spirit and flavours of Brazil when you bossa nova your way in.


Head to Carlton’s Bossa Nova for traditional Brazilian food. Made by a native Brazilian, the most popular dish is the ‘Brazilian classic’ (grilled steak served with fries, salad, rice and beans). The moqueca (a Barramundi curry dish) is equally tasty. The cafe also stocks a selection of hard to find South American groceries.

The cafe’s portions are generous so you technically don’t “need” a dessert, but you’d be missing out if you don't try one. {...}

You also can’t go wrong with the Brazilian carrot cake, covered in brigadeiro, condensed milk, Brazilian chocolate powder and butter sauce.

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The aforementioned Tropeiro is fantastic, as is the Moqueca (pic two), a Barramundi fillet immersed in a citrusy Brazilian-style curry with notes of coconut cream & lime. It's served with rice and farofa (Brazilian seasoned manioc flour). 👍⁣ Also worth a try are the Coxinha (pics three and four). {...} If you've got a sweet tooth, I highly recommend the bombocado (pic five). 🥥⁣

Bossa Nova Cafe is a proud supporter & partner of Brunch in Melbourne Cookbook, a book that brings to your table 130 brunch recipes from 100 cafes in Melbourne, including our delightful Vegan Moqueca!


But it is also a book with heart and purpose. 100% of the money raised go directly to support sustainable food projects – giving children in developing countries a kickstart in life through growing their own food 🌱.

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